Image 155s Treadmill Review. Find Out If This Image Treadmill Is Your Best Choice.

There are many Image 155s Treadmill reviews available, so how do you know the right one to choose? The answer to that question is simple, read this review.

I have compiled a complete list of treadmill features. Beyond the features, I have included pros and cons to help you make the right choice whether to buy this Image Treadmill or whether to pass on it. A treadmill is a big purchase, so you should do all of the research that you can in order to help you make a more wise and informed decision about which one is your best choice.

Image 15.5s Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • 2.5-horsepower.

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  • Running surface is 17" x 50".

  • Folding: Yes.

  • Blue LCD display including windows for speed, time, distance traveled, calories, and pulse.

  • Speed range: 10 mph max.

  • Incline: 10%.

  • 90 day warranty.

Image 15.5s Treadmill Pros

The Image 15.5s Treadmill comes with a nice display with all of the standard readouts. The programming that this treadmill comes with includes four weight loss programs. These programs are good for the job they intend to do, but the treadmill should have come with some programs for endurance or heart rate. That said, the programs that it did come with are useful enough to warrant this as a pro.

One of the features that has improved on this model over previous models is the motor. It is 2.5 horsepower. This is a 0.5 horsepower upgrade over the Image 10.0 Treadmill, which is substantial. In addition, this treadmill also includes an incline feature, which is a large improvement over the former model.

Image 15.5s Treadmill Cons

The 90 day warranty is just no good. When buying a big ticket item like a treadmill, you want a good warranty. Most treadmills have a lifetime warranty on most parts and at least a one year warranty on everything else. Having one that only lasts three months is absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason for something like this.

This Image 15.5s Treadmill has a small running surface. That is a big issue. Why is it such a big issue? Have you ever been running and then fallen off of your treadmill because there wasn't enough space? If not, buy this treadmill and give it a try! You'll soon find out that a larger running surface is a must on any treadmill you purchase.

Image 15.5s Treadmill Reviews

The Image 155s Treadmill is not your best choice. It costs more than the lower end models that Image puts out but does not make up for it with many extra features. I do not recommend buying the Image Treadmill 15.5s.

You would be better off to either buy the lower end Image 10.0 treadmill or the higher end Image 17.5 treadmill. The small running surface and the bad warranty make the Image 155s Treadmill a bad choice as far as lower end treadmills are concerned. Final verdict: don't buy.

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