Image 150r Treadmill Review. Read This Thorough Review Before Purchasing Your
Image Treadmill.

Choosing the right Image 150r Treadmill review to follow when you are making your buying decision can be a difficult thing to do. Hopefully, I have made this a bit easier by compiling information from multiple reviews into this one comprehensive treadmill review.

To assist you in your purchase, I have compiled a list of pros and cons of the Image 150r Treadmill. In addition, I have listed the product features that are included with this model. Finally, toward the end of the review, I have included a recommendation of whether or not to buy this Image treadmill.

Image 15.0 R Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • Weight Capacity - 300 lbs.

  • Belt - 17 x 50 inches.

  • Motor - 2.5 Total HP.

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  • Speed - 0 to 10 mph.

  • Incline - 1.5 to 10%.

  • Folding - Yes.

  • Heart Rate - Yes. Grip Pulse Sensors.

  • Heart Rate Control - No.

  • Wireless Chest Strap - No.

  • Programs - 4.

  • Display - Total distance, time, incline, pulse, calories, speed, pace.

  • Home Warranty - 3 years on motor, 90 for everything else.

Image 15.0 R Treadmill Pros

The added shock absorption over the previous models is a great value for what you are paying for this treadmill. In addition, Icon Fitness has seen fit to add in a cooling fan to this treadmill. The only problem with this is that the fan is not of the best quality. This isn't a huge issue though, considering it accomplishes its only goal.

The biggest pro to the Image Treadmill 15.0 R is the value for the money that you are going to end up paying. It does not cost a lot for a treadmill. This is great if you are in the market for a somewhat good quality treadmill for light to moderate use.

Image 15.0 R Treadmill Cons

The warranty on the Image Treadmill 15.0 R is terrible. The three years for the motor is a good value, but ninety days on everything else? That is just pathetic. It is not adequate at all. The issue being that most of the parts are not the highest quality to begin with, so when they inevitably break, this will cause serious issues.

Even with the good design, the parts are low quality. These two things offset each other so that neither one accounts for too much in the long run. Heavy use will definitely cause this treadmill to break down. Combine this with the bad warranty and you have a recipe for disaster.

Image 15.0 R Treadmill Reviews

The Image 150r treadmill is not really worth buying, in my opinion. If you are buying a treadmill to begin with, then you probably intend to use it a lot. This treadmill is good for light to moderate use, but not for heavy use.

If you are planning to run on this treadmill daily or multiple times a day, do not buy it. It will definitely break down on you. And when it breaks down, the bad warranty will leave you swinging in the breeze as far as customer service is concerned.

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