Image 10 Treadmill Review. If You're Thinking Of Buying An Image Treadmill...Read This Review First.

With so many Image 10 Treadmill reviews readily available for viewing, it can become a difficult task to search through them and find the best information. A treadmill is a huge investment in terms of both time and money. The best thing that you can do to help you make your decision about which treadmill is the right fit for you is to do the research.

For your convenience, I have done all the research for you on this Image Treadmill. This review has all the features of the Image Treadmill 10.0, in addition to a comprehensive list of pros and cons. Finally, there is a final verdict at the end of the page on whether or not I feel purchasing this treadmill is a wise decision.

Image 10 Treadmill Features and Specifications

  • 2.0-horsepower.

  • No shock reduction.

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  • 50" long running surface.

  • Pulse grip heart rate monitoring.

  • Folding: Yes.

  • 5" x 7" display.

  • Comes standard with four program settings including two user directed and two heart rate.

  • 90 day warranty.

  • Price: $399.99

Image 10 Treadmill Pros

The Image Treadmill 10.0 is not huge and it is not expensive. Since it has so few features, the costs were kept low. If you are on a tight budget, this would be a good treadmill for you. It will last a while and with just about any use at all, it will make up for the amount that you spend on it.

For a price this low, you would not expect to find much in the way of program settings. That said, the heart rate programs that come with the system are top notch and are a bit more than I expected to see on a treadmill like this. The two user directed programs are more like fat burning programs, but you can change things in the system to tailor it to your specific needs.

Image 10 Treadmill Cons

No shock absorption. Are you kidding me? This is the worst thing about the Image Treadmill 10.0. Without any sort of shock absorption, there could be cause here for long term joint issues and injuries. Anyone who decides to start a running program knows how bad an injury like this can be and how far back this will set you on your road to cardiovascular health.

The belt size is not very big. The issue here is that if you plan to actually run on the treadmill instead of walking or doing any kind of light cardio like jogging, you will have problems. If you do not plan on doing heavy cardio or running a lot, then this should not be a real issue.

Image 10 Treadmill Reviews

The Image 10.0 Treadmill is a decent choice for the price, but the issues with it do not make it the number one choice. While it is not very expensive, the features that it lacks may not make it the best choice for you.

If you are a runner, the fact that the Image Treadmill 10.0 does not come with any sort of shock absorption will be disturbing to you. It would be about the same as running on the hard concrete outside. The lack of shock absorption could cause long term joint issues if you run too much or have poor form. This is reason enough not to buy it. That said, if you do not plan on doing a lot of running, it will not be as big of an issue.

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