I Love the Biggest Loser Diet

by Jamie
(Urbandale, IA)

After I had my last child, I had a really hard time losing the weight. Part of it was me being tired and not having motivation, and part of it was that I could never find a diet program I really liked.

I started watching the Biggest Loser on TV and decided to give their diet plan a try, and I love it. The thing that I really like about the Biggest Loser Diet is that it's is an online program. The website gives you so much information from new healthy meals to try to different exercises to chat rooms where you can talk to others who are also doing the same diet program.

I also really like that the Biggest Loser Diet incorporates fitness and exercise into their program and helps you track where you are at. I don't like any weight loss program that does not add in exercise. To be truly healthy you have to be at a healthy weight and be fit.

I also like that the Biggest Loser program is not very expensive, especially when compared to all the other diet programs out there. Plus, Jillian Michaels is very motivating. The only thing I don't like is that a good diet plan needs to focus on life style change, and while this one does that, I have yet to find a program that gives long term motivation.

The Biggest Loser Diet program is very motivating while you are doing it, but it is hard to carry through if you wanted to stop doing the online programs. That comes from stronger will power and a change in your head that this is how you want to be from now on.

Overall, I love the Biggest Loser Diet and highly recommend it.

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