I Hate The Nutrisystem Diet

by Ben

After struggling for two years to lose the weight I gained after getting a job where the most exercise I get is walking to the break room or the bathroom I decided to try the Nutrisystem diet.

I hated Nutrisystem from the beginning, and not because I have a negative attitude but because it is not a good diet. First of all, it is very expensive to buy all of the Nutrisystem foods and to pay for the online portion and everything else you have to pay for. Not only is it a big commitment to weight loss and eating their often times not so great food, but it is a big financial commitment as well.

I also did not like many of the Nutrisystem meals. They were bland and some were not of very good quality. I also don't like that to lose weight you have to eat their food. What happens when you don't want to eat their food anymore? You gain the weight right back.

So, overall I would say the Nutrisystem weight loss program is expensive and boring. It’s not a lifestyle change but simply a way for the company to make money. I stayed on the Nutrisystem diet for about six months and finally could not stand it anymore.

Yes, I did lose weight, but I also realized that I did have it in me to do it on my own. I joined a gym that some friends had already belonged to. I started playing group sports for fun, and started trading in unhealthy foods for other foods that I actually like.

Overall...I don't recommend the Nutrisystem diet.

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