Great Result From The Weight Watchers Diet Program

by Kate

I always had weight problems. I was insecure about myself, about how people would look at me. Now I solved all my problems following the amazing Weight Watchers diet program.

A friend of mine called me because she knew I had weight problems and she suggested that I go with her to a Weight Watchers meeting. I couldn't go that day but it didn't matter because they organize meetings during the week, at different times of the day and even at night, so you can go there after work.

The Weight Watchers diet plan was easy to follow and the people there were really supportive. They explain to us that every food has a certain point value and that you could eat almost anything. You don't have to avoid basically any food, but you have to respect the points.

At each weekly Weight Watchers meeting, we have a weigh-in and on weekends there's even 35 bonus points that you can spend. I really liked that you don't have to be hungry or unsatisfied with your food. Weight Watchers teaches you how to change your eating habits, and how to make them better and more healthy.

My friend and I are still following the Weight Watchers diet and in two months I’ve lost 25 pounds and she lost 29. We are very happy with the results because it's not just a diet; it's a way to learn how to eat better.

Feeling good with yourself is the first step toward feeling good with others. Now I can tell I'm not that girl who was afraid to go out, I'm not afraid of judgments and I'm proud of myself for taking this big step!

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