Great Nutrisystem Results!

This is the second time using the NutriSystem Diet, and I have never tried any other diet plan, nor dieted previously. Three years ago, I began it just before Thanksgiving and over the ensuing 8 months managed to lose a respectable 66 pounds. When I started, I was doubtful, but hoping I might be able to lose 50 pounds. I got all the way down to a size 6 and started with the NutriSystem maintenance program, which I used for 2 months with no weight gain.

I managed to follow the guidelines I learned on the NutriSystem program for another 18 months after that, but then life got complicated, and work hours a little crazy and I slowly deviated from the program and began to gain a little weight here and there. Eventually, I managed to gain back 30 of the 66 pounds I had originally lost. I started back with the program, actually ordering the NutriSystem foods again. I have lost 5 of the 30 pounds already.

NutriSystem definitely works if you follow the program. You MUST follow it though. That includes adding in all the extra groceries - fruits, veggies, protein (yogurt, low fat cheese, etc). If you try to rely solely on the NutriSystem foods, you will NOT get enough calories and the program will NOT work - or at least it won't work well, and it will get discouraging.

It takes a bit of commitment, but overall it’s pretty easy. The foods are 'decent' - I love to cook, so they're certainly not what I consider to be good food. But they're not really any worse than any boxed / packaged meal you'd get at the supermarket. And they can be 'dressed up' very effectively. For example, a few sliced mushrooms, some steamed carrots, steamed green beans or broccoli and 2T of reduced fat blue cheese added to one of the pasta dinners makes a really hearty meal, accounts for the 2 veggies needed AND tastes pretty darned good, as well.

If you think of the provided foods as bases that you can add flavorings or veggies to, then the variety is nearly endless. But you do need to start out plain and simple and then learn to be creative with the food in your new low calorie style.

Not everything on the NutriSystem diet program is immediately clear up front, BUT there is a web-site with TONS of info, as well as user forums. The folks on the forums are a fabulous source of information and support. And the forums also have a few spots where some truly talented people have created amazing recipes that are totally on the program and often incorporate the NutriSystem foods as base ingredients!

Overall, I was very, very happy with the NutriSystem program, the results I got and the tools provided on the website. I was happy enough to use it again to get back on track.

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