Good Initial Results With NutriSystem

by Becca
(New Brunswick, NJ)

I was on NutriSystem for nearly six months. The diet plan was great. I enjoyed the fact that after having a baby the meals were prepared and I did not have to make them myself. I simply ate the prepared NutriSystem meals.

There was a ton of food to choose from on the NutriSystem diet. The plan had entrees and desserts. It was very simple. I was able to cook for my family and not have to make a separate meal for myself.

I did the basic NutriSystem plan which has food for twenty eight days. During the time that I was on the plan, it worked great for me. I lost 26 pounds and was elated. I wanted to get down another ten pounds and was excited to do so. The problem was that when I could no longer afford to order the NutriSystem food, I didn't really know how to diet for myself.

I started eating a lot of salads and became very bored. The NutriSystem diet program does not really teach you how to change your eating habits, it simply feeds you, which when combined with exercise, helps you to lose weight.

I eventually gained back about five pounds. This prompted me to look for a diet that involved actually teaching me about food. I was able to switch over to Weight Watchers which was a healthier plan. It taught me how to eat regardless of where I was. I felt far more satisfied knowing that I understood my metabolism and the weight loss process, rather than just eating what was put in front of me.

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