GI Diet Works

by Esmee

The GI diet was very effective for me in losing my unwanted fat without starving myself. After trying so many diet plans and failing miserably, the GI diet helped me achieve my goal. I lost 20lbs in two months in the healthiest way.

Losing weight was never easy for me as I used to gain unwanted weight and fat very quickly. Most of the diet programs used to tire me out quickly which frustrated me and led me to stop halfway through. The advantage of the GI diet plan is I can eat and lose weight at the same following it was never difficult for me.

Food items have certain GI (Glycemic Index) levels to them which are based on the amount of insulin that a particular food releases into the blood stream. We feel tired and exhausted when higher levels of insulin are released which also results in hunger pangs. Foods with low GI value help me maintain the insulin level and hence I feel less hungry.

The advantage of GI diet is that my body doesn't lack the essential nutrients needed for it to function properly. Choosing low GI food items is the important criteria in this diet program. With the Internet, this isn't a hard task. I simply get the list of acceptable food items then can decide on my menu for the day or week. It’s important to follow the menu closely in order to achieve optimal weight loss.

When I was overweight, I was lacking confidence and my self-esteem was very low. The GI diet plan has helped my lose weight, get fit and regain my confidence.

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