Careful Calculating Needed With The Atkins Diet

by Francine
(Moreno Valley, CA, USA)

When I discovered the Atkins Diet, I have to be honest I was skeptical….because I have tried so many diets that are on the market these days. But when I read the diet and saw the process, I thought I would at least give Atkins a shot.

The Atkins Diet plan completely changes your way of eating by cutting all the carbohydrates out of your diet. The quote that I read regarding the Atkins Diet was that I could "eat all the cheese and meat I wanted". What I soon found out was that all the starchy foods that I consumed during most of my meals, I couldn't eat at all.

I used the Atkins Diet for a month and didn't lose any weight. I actually started to gain weight from the massive amounts of cheese that I would eat.

I was very impressed with the Atkins book, as it listed almost every single item that can be prepared in a meal, along with the amount of carbohydrates it contained. It was very interesting; I learned a lot just from reading that book itself.

I have to admit, the Atkins Diet plan was tough for me to follow. Especially when you have to evaluate and calculate the carbs in everything that you consume in a single day…from an apple down to the juice you drank.

What I learned from this diet was that it only works if you are able to burn carbohydrates in your everyday lifestyle. It only works for some of us out there, not everyone. I have nothing bad to say about the Atkins Diet. It makes sense in every way that I believe a diet should work. But unfortunately for me, Atkins did not work.

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