Bowflex Success Story

by Jon
(Plainville, MA, United States)

I started using the Bowflex Classic home gym when I was 18 years old. I worked out with my Bowflex for over a year...and was very pleased with the equipment and the results I got.

While training with my Bowflex home gym I saw good results. Before I started using it I was in decent shape but was not very strong. Gaining muscle mass was the reason I started training with the Bowflex. After using the Bowflex home gym for over a year I was significantly stronger in all areas.

The Bowflex allows you to do a variety of different exercises. Its versatility is one of its best qualities. Upper body exercises such as chest press, shoulder press, flies, and curls can all be done using this home gym. The Bowflex I used had an attachment to do lower body exercises like leg extensions and leg curls. I would recommend this attachment for anybody looking to work out their legs as well as their upper body.

I did not follow a specific Bowflex workout program, but I came up with my own. I had three different workouts that I would do 2 times a week. One day was chest and arms. Another day was back and shoulders. The final day was legs.

As well as helping me physically I do think that working out on the Bowflex helped me mentally as I had better self esteem. I wouldn't say that I ate special foods but it helps to have a healthy diet when training. I would sometimes be sore the next day after using my Bowflex home gym, but was never injured. This soreness is normal.

I still use my Bowflex Classic home gym today though not as consistently as I did when I saw the best gains. I would recommend the Bowflex to someone who is looking to improve their strength while working out at home.

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