BH Fitness Treadmill Helped My Father Lose Weight

by Eduardo
(Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil)

My father and I bought the BH Fitness Pioneer Premium treadmill two years ago. He wanted to get into better shape but didn't want to go to a gym after work because it would be too late at night.

We chose the BH Fitness treadmill mainly because it is very quiet, and noise is something we had to consider carefully because we live in an apartment and we didn't want problems with the people living below us. At low speeds the treadmill is really silent, but it becomes increasingly louder after you get to 10km/h. So, depending on your level of exercises (and if you live in a an apartment), it is best to use it in normal hours of the day.

In addition we had to consider its dimensions for our apartment. When folded, the treadmill takes more or less a square meter, unfolded it takes two and a half meters long by one meter wide.

The BH Fitness Pioneer Premium treadmill is quite heavy and very stable. It has three angles and speeds, ranging from one to twelve kilometers. The treadmill has several programs installed in it that allows you to run at varying speeds and along different courses. It is equipped with two handles that function as a heart rate monitor. It also has a fan, which is good, but it doesn’t work that well to help cool you down.

As for maintenance, the BH Fitness treadmill is very easy to maintain. It is sold with it a special spray which you must use in the area of friction between the belt and the machine, and you have to apply it every few days.

Overall, the BH Fitness Pioneer Premium treadmill is a good buy. It’s a dependable and effective product at a decent price. I was skeptical in the beginning, but it really helped my father lose weight. I also use it to exercise once in a while, especially when it is raining out.

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