Atkins Diet Was Great...At First!

by Kendra
(West Virginia)

About ten years ago I decided to try the Atkins Diet. A couple of my friends had great success with it, so I thought what the heck? I would get to eat bacon, steak, hamburger, etc. and lose weight! Sign me up! I could live without bread and sugar no problem. And I loves me some bacon!

The funny thing was that I wasn't really overweight. I could lose a couple pounds, but couldn't we all? I was a size ten who had spent years previously abusing prescription diet pills because of my distorted body image, so the Atkins Diet seemed both smart and safe.

I went to the grocery store, bought pounds of red meat, bacon, more bacon, vegetables, MORE bacon and fruit. I went home and threw out my chips, bread, sugar, cakes, pies...all the stuff I truly love and loathe at the same time.

Week one goes by, it wasn't so bad. Hamburgers with no buns, bacon and eggs, bacon and fruit, bacon, bacon, BACON! Week two, same thing....but I noticed I had dropped about 8 pounds. Sweet! Week three, lost another 4 pounds. Week four was when the pounding headaches started, but I lost another 3 pounds! I guess I could live with a throbbing in the temples for those size seven jeans! Week 5, more weight loss, more headaches, and a God-awful pain in my foot. AND what seemed to be a small, furry animal living in my shower drain. No, wait...THAT'S MY HAIR!!! Week six, I was still losing weight, and hair. Headaches galore and a left foot I could not walk on.

I finally went to the doctor, sporting my size 6 jeans, only to be told I had the GOUT! A twenty four year old woman with GOUT? That is an old man ailment, my DAD has it! The doctor said depriving my body of carbs may had caused me to drop weight, but it also caused gout, hair loss, migraines, dental problems...he said the diet pills short term were SAFER than the Atkins Diet!

So I decided that day, no more junk diets, pills, fads, NOTHING! I sadly told the bacon it was over, switched to wheat breads and pastas, kept the fruits and vegetables, laid off the cakes and pies, and to this day I am thinner and happier now than ever. NO QUICK FIX WORKS!

Get yourself some brown breads, rices and pastas, switch to diet soda, eat more fruits and vegetables and GET OFF THE COUCH and walk! It works, I swear! I still can't look at bacon the same!

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