Atkins Diet Didn't Work for Me

by Jamie
(Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia)

I tried the Atkins Diet a few years ago. The idea was to not eat carbs, or only a minimal amount. I lasted two days on this diet. It was fairly horrible experience for me.

I got really sick on the second day while I was at the gym and felt nauseous. I think it was carbohydrate withdrawal.

Two friends that I know were able to stay on the Atkins diet plan for two weeks. I think the reason that I couldn't do it was because I do a lot of exercise and the body needs carbohydrates to give it energy for exercise.

The Atkins diet program is not too difficult to follow. Basically, you eat a lot of protein. I ate eggs and bacon for breakfast a lot. If you feel ill from the lack of carbohydrates in the diet, you can eat tomatoes or an apple. I never felt hungry on the Atkins diet, and I typically ate things like steak, fish and chicken.

If you think you can handle going without pasta, rice, and bread for a long period of time, then the Atkins diet would probably work well for you. I hear that you can lose a lot of weight quickly on this diet, but personally I don't think that it is sustainable.

It can also be bad for the heart because of the high cholesterol and fat consumed. It might be hard to find the foods you are allowed to eat at parties, so you have to have a lot of self control not to eat the carbs!

I would not recommend the Atkins diet to anyone; it was just too difficult for me to stick with.

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