After Thyroid Problem, I Lost 30 Pounds With Weight Watchers!

by Michelle L.
(Mableton, Georgia, USA)

I gained approximately 30 lbs of extra weight, in about a month's time, as a result of a thyroid problem that overwhelmed me. But thanks to the Weight Watchers diet plan I lost some extra weight and regained my confidence.

I attended the regularly scheduled weekly meetings and weighed in. Attending the Weight Watchers meetings gave me the feeling that I wasn't doing it all by myself. Having to weigh in kept me accountable for my weekly actions regarding food choices and exercise commitment through tracking. The best part about the meetings was sharing new recipes along with the little helpful things/statements/reminders that one may not even think of as something that can sabotage your dieting efforts.

For instance, licking the serving spoon after serving food to your family, eating the leftovers from other family members' plates, keeping unwise/unhealthy/not-so-diet-friendly snacks in the house are all things that you need to be conscience of so that your dieting efforts are not sabotaged by adding those extra calories to your daily routine.

The support system and controls of Weight Watchers worked wonders for me and I believe that it can work for most people that are truly committed to achieving weight loss success. I was committed to losing the weight and I can say that the Weight Watchers program was an integral part of my success in losing the 30 pounds. After losing the weight, my thyroid function was basically normalized and I re-married and started a family!

Thank you, Weight Watchers!

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